How can i protect my competitive advantages from large company?

Ask NerdsCategory: StartupHow can i protect my competitive advantages from large company?
Sameer Mehta asked 10 months ago

Suppose, I am initial phase of startup and I developed different strategies from my competitor. But competitor company is large and when it came to know about my strategy, then it could copy my idea. Due to the established company it can acquire lots of markets before me. How to handle these fears and if it will happen then what we have to do?

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S K Biswas answered 10 months ago

I suppose this a problem many of us face during developing a business venture when the idea is similar to some big player in market. According to my years of expertise in developing startups, I have learn’t that no company will ever be able to serve the complete market need in its lifetime.

Every startup will be able to cover only a percentage of the total market share for a specific idea. Tere are many rival companies like Amazon/Flipkart, Swiggy/Zomato, OLA/Uber, Coca-cola/Pepsi and so on. So, you must not think this competition as a problem, no matter how big it is, you will always have your percentage of market to target.

When it comes to copying ideas, every business/start-up has its own business plan and structure, copying other startup ideas will hinder their process and their structure. Moreover, no one will copy your marketing ideas untill you are a small start-up. Copying/Inspiration starts only when you are in the limelight.

Always remember, someone, somewhere will be waiting for your marketing stratergies to work on them, and that would make him/her your customer.

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