Which business is best after lockdown?

Ask NerdsCategory: BusinessWhich business is best after lockdown?
Nagabhushan asked 11 months ago

Which business is best after lockdown?

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Krishnendu answered 11 months ago

After lockdown, the scenario of startups may change as per the people’s need. But preferably having a completely digital setup can be the best as we all know during this period of COVID-19 all face the less work efficiency so digital-based startup will be a step ahead after this pandemic.

Anju answered 11 months ago

People will definitely focus more on their health. This is the time to launch a prevention-based health startup 
COVID has shown people where they stand in relation to their health. Mine idea is also based on health 

Jagdish answered 11 months ago

Businesses which are digital in nature like online tutoring health and fitness apps, digital marketing will increase because people will tend to follow social distancing more.

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