how will the restaurant business be affected after lockdown and COVID-19

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Sukanta Mukherjee asked 11 months ago

how will the restaurant business be affected after lockdown and COVID-19?

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Atnu Banerjee answered 11 months ago

We know very well how pandemic is affect of our life. It’s a critical situation for everyone. At lockdown think about your restaurant what can you do after lockdown for your restaurant. I know we will face many kinds of problems. But we have to do for establishing our country and our company . I hope you will understand my thought. Have a great day.

Debajyoti answered 11 months ago

Very broadly speaking, restaurants and hotel industries are going to lead a subscription-based model in future. This is because people are now becoming more hygiene and health conscious so they’ll believe in those restaurants that possess good hygiene management and proper certifications if applicable. In that way, subscription-based models are going to lead them as that can be highly beneficial for them. So you can think about the execution of such models and you won’t regret it.

Navin answered 11 months ago

Yes, Very badly as people are not in a favour of eating out these days because in my opinion whatever hygiene a restaurant claims we still can’t trust them as the people working there aren’t much concerned about the health of their customers. Speaking of the few big chains who are claiming contactless deliveries and 100% hygiene, it might seem good in listening but what is happening inside a closed kitchen while preparing the food can’t be said.

H. E. Abdul answered 11 months ago

COVID 19, a global pandemic, has affected almost every industry. Due to this, a culture has been seen in India i.e. Work from Home(WFH) culture. As a result, people who were working in metro cities have started moving back to their hometown. This will somehow affect the hotel industry as well for the coming few months. Further people will be more cautious to dine out and also for home delivery for the coming few months. No doubt, this is more restaurant business for a few more months having fixed rental cost, staff salary, electricity bill and other financial commitments.

Building trust regarding safety among customer will be a difficult task which can be done through demonastration of hygiene at regular interval. This will be more fruitful when people started going back to Office and also selecting a targeted audience, let’s say, college students since their exams will be conducted soon.

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