how to develop business offline and attract customers

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Rajratna Narkar asked 12 months ago

how to develop business offline and attract customers. Any Ideas?

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Raj kumar answered 12 months ago

Nowadays when you want to open offline business .then the most important work is how to customer your business. because there is a lot of competitor in the market already exist. but the main problem is how can you move your business against you competitor.there are many secret ideas is available .when you implementation this idea in your business. I am sure businesses move fastly

  1. there is most important thing loyalty with customers to shopkeeper.i am often seen some shopkeepers behaviour is just like an angry elephant. that type of behaviour is repelled you a customer with you.
  2. second-most margin .when your regular customer comes daily then you should maintain your profit to give margin to your customer. when a new customer comes once time this time is first .you should try to retain your customers should give some offer.
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